1988 French Advertising Poster, L'Instant Taittinger

1988 French Advertising Poster, L'Instant Taittinger

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Date: 1988
Size: 21.25 x 30.25 inches
Creator: Publicis

About the PosterMarketing is all about grabbing the consumers attention in such a way that they remember the product being advertised - and hopefully, go out and purchase it.

In 1988 the Taittinger Champagne company created a timeless, modern classic advertising poster (wow, that's a mouthful...) the L' Instant Taittinger poster was created by Claude Taittinger (President of the Taittinger empire) to launch a multi- faceted advertising effort which was kicked off in December of 1988.

The choice of Grace Kelly was inspired. First of all, she had died some years previously, so her image was more or less in the public domain. Secondly, Grace Kelly had been one of the most admired women in the world. Even today, she is upheld as a standard of beauty, grace, and style. Her talent and persona influenced the great motion picture director Alfred Hitchcock so strongly that he attempted to make other actresses into her image, without success. (gracekellyonline.com)

The poster became an instant classic when it was issued in 1988, spawning millions of reproductions around the world. Because we like originals when we found a few of the Taittingers, we grabbed them and had them professionally linen-backed. Cheers Grace!