1924 Vintage British Poster, China Glass Housewares - Illian

1924 Vintage British Poster, China Glass Housewares - Illian

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Date: 1924
Size:  11 x 14 inches
Notes: Poster, Small Poster, mini poster, matted
Artist: Illian, George
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About The Poster: Printed in 1924 in a collection edited by the renowned E. KcKnight Kauffer, this mini poster was considered by him to be one of the best representations of poster art at the time. Kauffer wrote: "The poster as a thing may be interesting to the artist as a conception or means of expression: to the historian as a record; to the collector as an object of beauty; but for the business man, who is a producer of commodities, it possesses only one interest: does it sell his goods?"

Kauffer picked what he considered to be the posters which did just that - French, British, American...It mattered not where the posters were from: only that they were graphically perfect, conceptually ideal and overall, spectacular

We have had them professionally matted to 11 x 14 inches. They are ready to frame.