1950s Original Italian Barbisio Hat Calendar

1950s Original Italian Barbisio Hat Calendar

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Date: 1950s
Size:  10 x 13.5 inches
Artist: Anonymous

About The Poster: A fabulous calendar - with movable days of the week (in both numerals and days) as well as months of the year, with the fabulous doggie mascot of Barbisio Hats. In Spanish, this was evidently produced for a Columbian franchisee of the Italian company. Made of moulded plastic as opposed to paper, it is an exceptional piece of ephemera.

About Barbisio: "Without a hat, a man may be powerful, savvy, intriguing, classy; with one he is complete. Barbisio hats are simply the only hats that can complete a man in finely-crafted attire. Inspired by the Italian notion of La Dolce Vita, or "the good life," these handmade felt hats rose to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s when men were gentlemen and to be distinguished was to have achieved the apex of one's career. Barbisios are quite simply the only remnants of that era, whose values and sensibilities are on the rise once again, and madaboutown.com has many of these hats to choose from.

Every Barbisio hat is crafted using a blend of Irish, Scottish and Italian wool fibers, ensuring an enduring, high-quality piece of fashion. The wool fibers are blown, and the shape of the hat is sketched out. A hundred-year-old process known as "fulling" allows expert craftsmen to create the shape of the hat by hand.

When asked why they use hundred-year-old equipment, the makers of Barbisio hats simply shrug and say, "after we made hats right...we never felt a need to update our factory." Indeed, these are hats made right, with the highest-quality ribbons, moroccos, and linings to give each hat a unique personality and character. Due to their durability, these luxury hats are also highly utilitarian, able to keep off rain or keep out the cold." (source business.ezinemark.com)