2019 Contemporary Poster - Pascal Blanchet Exhibition (Hand-Singed)

2019 Contemporary Poster - Pascal Blanchet Exhibition (Hand-Singed)

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Date: 2019
Size: 24 x 36 inches
Artist: Blanchet, Pascal

Pascal Blanchet is a Montreal-based multi-media artist whose graphic works include collaborations with The New Yorker, Penguin Books, and The National Post. His depictions of familiar cityscapes and exotic locales recall art deco masterworks but are grounded in a contemporary vision of the world. Blanchet employs a bold colour palette in his images, which is complemented by references to times gone by and results in a combined sense of nostalgia and romance.

This vintage-inspired poster depicts a man walking around the globe and carrying an armful of posters, a representation of the artist's work and his travels. The poster was created for Blanchet's inaugural Montreal exhibition Autour du Monde/Around the World avec/with Pascal Blanchet.

This poster is in excellent condition and is ready to be framed - a perfect addition to any home or office.