Food & Drink Posters

Some of the greatest poster artists such as Cappiello, Cassandre, Carlu and Mucha designed posters for cookies (LU Biscuits), spirits (Cinzano, Campari, Champagne), beer and olive oil. It is not surprising that the lion’s share of early poster art has food as its subject. Producers of these goods invested heavily in this form of promotion and often hired the best of these artists to sell and advertise their products. A wise decision made a big difference in maintaining their brands and products but also has helped create a cornucopia of the best and most memorable posters in history.

L’Affichiste has posters for pastas, cookies, candies, beer and wine, lemonade, cheese, spirits, chocolate, coffee, tea, jam, honey ... and the (grocery) list goes on. Suffice it to say that just about anything that is edible has a poster designed for it! These posters are great for hanging in your kitchen or in your dining any area where “foodies” can indulge all their senses.

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