About Us

L’Affichiste, Montreal’s only vintage poster gallery, is a place where posters are given the space and the prestige they deserve. Graced with floor-to-ceiling windows, wood floors, and retro-modern details, the gallery is housed in a row of buildings connecting to the Notre Dame Basilica dating from the 1830s. In this wonderful light-filled locale our collection can be appreciated peacefully - whether with a steaming cup of coffee or a late afternoon glass of wine - and we will be happy to welcome you into our wonderful world of vintage posters.

Posters are one of the last remaining artifacts of advertising and marketing that we have from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. We specialize primarily in posters from the Belle Époque through to the Mid-Century Modern periods, and have recently expanded into contemporary posters.

For more information, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about pricing or sizing for any of the pieces listed on our website. Please see the contact page for our hours and FAQs.