Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gallery open to the public? 

The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, from 9 to 5, or by appointment.
To make an appointment, please call or e-mail us at (514) 831-5121 or
We are located in the heart of Old Montreal at 461 St. Francois Xavier, corner Notre Dame (right near Montreal’s famous Notre Dame Cathedral).


Who buys vintage posters?

The assumption that you have to be a collector to enjoy or appreciate vintage posters is widespread and incorrect. While it is true that some of our clients are experienced buyers in the art and poster world, the majority of purchasers are first-timers.

We also work with decorators and designers. Often a designer will have a vision for a space and will ask us to make suggestions based on color, budget, or special interests. We love challenges like that! We will even bring selections to a client’s home so that they can see what the posters will look like in situ.


Where do your posters come from?

Karen Etingin, the owner of L’Affichiste, has been collecting posters for over 30 years. She buys posters from collectors, at auctions, from other dealers, and travels around the world looking for the best pieces to sell in her gallery. L’Affichiste also sells posters on consignment.


How do you determine your prices?

Because most vintage posters were printed almost 100 years ago, they are in limited supply. Prices are determined by condition, by the reknown of the artist, and by the market. The dealer, however, does usually have leeway in determining prices - a dealer in a small city like Montreal (ahem) will probably charge less than a dealer in a larger city.


Do you sell reproductions?

We only sell original posters, prints and pochoirs...


What does it mean when you say a poster is ‘lined’?

Most posters were printed on newsprint, which is flimsy - to preserve them, we have them mounted (or lined) on linen by professionals. Lining a poster is the best and only way to preserve it. Most of our posters are lined, the exception being more modern and contemporary posters which, by virtue of their age, do not require lining.


How should I frame my vintage poster?

We work with framers who are accustomed to and practiced with framing vintage posters. Although we do not frame posters ourselves, if you buy a poster from us we will be happy to take it to the framer and make suggestions – based on your taste and budget – for your poster. Should you wish to use your own framer, we will be happy to send you a copy of our framing guidelines.


Why are posters so expensive? How do you determine prices?