Bachelor Pad Design 101


You’ve finally gotten rid of your college era couch and replaced it with something sexy, streamlined and simple – maybe a black leather Restoration Hardware number, or a simple over-stuffed Montauk style with the slip-cover equivalent of just-got-out-of-bed hair

Now you need something for the walls: something big enough to grab and keep your attention, something you don’t need a degree in art history to understand, and something which might actually appreciate in value.

Vintage posters might just be the way to go: you’ve seen them in movies, on television shows, and probably on the walls of restaurants. In fact, they have become the design solution for decorators, designers and do-it-yourselfers who need to perk up spaces with collectible, affordable art which can work in a variety of environments, color schemes and budgets.

 Whether it’s a pair of highly stylized Sabena posters from the 1950’s, an over-sized Charlie Chaplin movie poster from 1916, or even a set of contemporary Opera posters, you don’t need to break the bank to use these beauties on your walls.

Instant, idiot-proof design that will not only upgrade your living space and communicate your uber/ultra/total style status, it might also make your girlfriend hang out on the couch a little longer. And appreciate your cool knowledge of vintage posters. And you…