Corporate clients


At L'Affichiste we are always happy to collaborate with businesses from Montreal and abroad.

If you are a designer, decorator or someone with a special project in mind, we would be delighted to find ways to best suit your needs.  

For all inquiries, please contact us

By email: 

By telephone: (514) 656-3301

Or come discover our collection in person during our business hours or by appointment at 461 rue Saint-Francois Xavier in Montreal.

We look forward to working with you!

Team L'Affichiste

Designed by: Top Stays Management | Posters: Jason Munn

Designed by: Top Stays Management | Posters: Sebastien Lepine

Designed by: Fülhaus Inc.  |  Shot by: Sylvie Li  |  
Project: Brix Montreal | Posters by: Vittorio via L'Affichiste