Sébastien Lépine

Music to our Eyes: Serial poster artist Sébastien Lépine to exhibit at L’Affichiste November 17-19 2017

L’Affichiste, the Montreal gallery that specializes in the sale of original, non-reproduction posters, and Sébastien Lépine (SLEP), the well-known Quebec-born graphic silk-screening dynamo, are very excited to announce a vernissage and exhibition called “Allo c’est moi.”

L’Affichiste is well known for its vast collection of vintage, collectable posters, as well as for its support of and work with contemporary poster designers and graphic design incubators. Lépine is a multi-media artist whose creative pursuits include posters for movies and bands, album artwork, video projections for live shows, and music video clips.

Karen Etingin, the owner of L’Affichiste explains that “Sébastien is a virtuoso designer who is hugely inspired by music and popular culture, and who, as a classically trained artist, brings a singular aesthetic to his work. It is that work that we are so excited to celebrate.” Etingin continues, “It is important to support and develop contemporary poster art and artists, and we are delighted to bring SLEP’s work to a larger audience."


Nothing escapes the keen eye of Sébastien Lépine. And no one dares to define his medium. It all gets filed in his brain (or his iphone) and emerges as hand printed poster art, album artwork, video projections for live shows and music video clips. You’ll see him fly through the streets on his bike, rolled posters tucked under his arm, with a constant music feed in his ears to fuel his creative pursuits. A serial poster artist, Sébastien isn’t known to wait for commissions, he’s always got his hands on the printer or capturing images as a way to pay homage to his favourite bands.


Devoted to original, non-reproduction vintage posters from 1880-present.

Purity of style, elegant lines and sheer presence - as well as investment value - are just some of the reasons why L’Affichiste is a destination for decorators, designers and DIYers looking for ready-to-install vintage design. Our collection is located online at: www.laffichiste.com.

On November 17, 2017 from 6PM - 9PM, L’Affichiste will host a vernissage of SLEP’s most recent work. Sales of Lépine’s posters, hand-printed and numbered music, movie and artistic posters will continue in the gallery and @laffichiste.com.

Montreal, October 30, 2017


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