1923 Austrian Art Deco Poster, Good Clothes (womens fashion)

Date: 1923
Size:  9.5 x 12 inches
Notes: Poster, unlined
Artist: Cosl Frey (school of Julius Klinger)

About The Poster: Julius Klinger was an Austrian artist of Jewish descent who had, in Vienna in 1923, an art school and studio where he and his students taught graphic and marketing design. Klinger is considered by many to be the father of what is now commonly termed 'branding': using graphics and graphic design to convey the message of the brand, and to create 'brand equity'. He was the first to use a logo not only on a product itself, but also on buildings, billboards and advertisements - essentially creating a lasting and unforgettable image of a brand for consumers.

His portfolio included designs from some of these other 'congenial spirits', including Cosl & Frey who are described in the portfolio as "two thirty-year-old [sic] men of slender build [who] are at once long tried friends and members of the Klinger group. They have gained much fame in Vienna: Pregnancy of lines, originality of coloration and forcefulness of ideas are the most striking features of their performances."