1948 Original Art Deco French Beer Poster, Amos Pilz Cent Ans de Sante - Raymond Gay

Date: 1948
Size: 44.75 x 60.75 inches
Notes: Poster, large, linen-backed
Artist: Raymond Gay
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: Brasserie Amos is an old brewery that was established in Amos, Moselle (France) that has since been bought by Karlsberg. Founded in 1868, it was a family-run business until 1988. At that time, the company was highly profitable but the founder's great grandson realized that there was little opportunity for growth - which is why he sold it to Karlsberg.

This art deco poster is bright, colorful, and cheery - perfect to brighten any kitchen,  children's room, or even restaurant!

$660.00 $850.00