1969 Original Poster Supercop- Vittorio Fiorucci

1969 Original Poster Supercop- Vittorio Fiorucci

Date: 1969
Size:  25 x 38 inches
Notes: Poster
Artist: Vittorio Fiorucci
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:  This interesting poster, in very excellent condition, for a 1969 movie called Supercop, displays Vittorio's typical style - a little quirky, very offbeat, but entirely captivating.

According to Wikipedia, Vittorio Fiorucci “was an Italian Canadian poster artist from Montreal. Fiorucci was born on 2 November 1932 in Zara (Italy). During World War Two when Zara was about to be captured by Yugoslavia, Fiorucci and his family fled to Venice, Italy, where he subsequently spent most of his childhood before coming to Canada in 1951. By 1960, he was an established artist and by 1980 was one of the most renowned poster designers in the world. Fiorucci was awarded a Moebius Award at the 1998 International Advertising Awards of Chicago, and lifetime achievement awards from the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators and the Institute of Design Montréal. Fiorucci worked in a variety of mediums: he did illustration works for magazines (including the film magazine Take One), children's books, animation, and was an established photographer who was exhibited in 1958 at George Eastman House's International Exhibition of the World's Greatest Photographers.


His work was used to promote many of the films that marked the beginning of independent Québécois cinema, and appeared in  a variety of magazines – including Time. He created the logo for the Le Château chain of clothing stores, and the green mascot Victor of the Just For Laughs festival. He died from a stroke on July 30, 2008."