1980s Contemporary Korean Travel Poster, Korea

1980s Contemporary Korean Travel Poster, Korea

Date: 1980s
Size:  23.5 x 35.5
Notes: Poster
Artist: Unknown
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About The Poster: This is a travel poster for Korea. The poster is in good condition, with some minor creases.

"The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was established in 1962 to bolster Korea's tourism industry under Korea Tourism Law as an international tourism organization. Since its inception, the driving focus of KTO has been to create the necessary tourism facilities and services such as hotels, travel agencies, and taxi companies that are needed to fuel the industry. KTO then began expanding its activities into the areas of attracting foreign tourists, developing and modifying Korea's tourism industry infrastructure, and developing tourism complexes to better accommodate a larger numbers of tourists. In response to the increase in demand of foreign travel by Koreans in the 1980s, KTO added Korean tourism development to its job description." (Source: Pacific Asia Travel Association)

This charming image of a Korean lady dressed in traditional garments might have been part of efforts to attract tourists to Korea, and would make a colorful addition to any decor.