1985 Original Gritti Exhibition Poster, Galleria Capricorno - Gritti

1985 Original Gritti Exhibition Poster, Galleria Capricorno - Gritti
Date: 1985
Size:  20 x 28 inches
Notes: Poster, Unlined
Artist: Gritti, Calisto 

About the Poster: We are lucky to have in our collection some of Italy's Galleria Capricorno exhibition posters, which we always find to be uniquely stunning. This poster was created for an exhibition of works by Italian artist Calisto Gritti which was held in 1985.

About the Artist: Calisto Gritti was born in Bergamo in 1937. He studied art at the graduate level at the Brera in 1958. For twenty years he benefited from his father's significant experience in painting restoration. He dedicated himself to painting in the late fifties and early sixties. In 1967 he won an internal competition at the Brera for a chair of art at the Art School of Bergamo, where he taught until 1982. From 1980 to 1984 he taught etching at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti, where, during the academic year 1984 -85, he was the educational coordinator.  Gritti returned to teach painting from 1989 to 95 and etching until 2000. From 1997 to 2002 he taught painting (fresco) at the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland in Lugano. From 2003 he devoted himself to sculpture, producing works in patinated and gilt wood, stucco, concrete and bronze.  In 2008 he was appointed as an associate member of the College of Literature and Arts of Bergamo, near Milan.
The poster is unlined and in good condition.