2000 Dutch Surrealist Poster, Poet J.A. Deelder Performance

2000 Dutch Surrealist Poster, Poet J.A. Deelder Performance

Date: c. 2000
Size:  16.4 x 23.75 inches
Notes: Poster
Artist: Anonymous
InformationFor more details call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: This poster was probably used to advertise a performance b the Dutch poet J.A. Deelder. The poster is in B condition, with small tears. Please ask to see more photos.

"Jules Deelder, aka J.A. Deelder, is undoubtedly one of the Netherlands’ best-known poets. He owes much of his fame to public appearances, in which he combines a dandyish pose with a curious mixture of popular city humor and irony, dished up in an uncut Rotterdam accent. He is arguably the godfather of Dutch performance poets.

There is an unmistakable link between Deelder’s poetry and the Dutch ultra-realists of the 1950s, and an even stronger kinship with the carefree anarchism of the 1960s. Many of his poems are on an exciting collision course with established taste. Apparently, Jules Deelder has found the recipe for successfully combining a deadpan exterior and crass realism with the comic effect of irony. He calls himself a ‘neon realist’, a ‘neon romantic’ and a ‘neon comedian’. Deelder has a rare command of register, mimicking the language of soaps as effortlessly as that of military rhetoric or the quasi-profound verbiage of esoteric or antiquated cultures. He does this in his poetry as well as in his prose, which never fails to betray the poet." (Source: Poetry International)