1930's American Dog Portrait, Bulldog Puppies
1930's American Dog Portrait, Bulldog Puppies

1930's American Dog Portrait, Bulldog Puppies

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Date: 1930s
Size: 9.5 x 11 inches
Artist: Diana Thorne

Diana Thorne was born Ann Woursell on October 7, 1895 in Odessa, Russia. (Some evidence indicates that she may have actually been born in 1894.) In her youth, Thorne spent time in Winnipeg, Canada and later on a farm in Calgary, Canada. She was to eventually become one of America's most recognized canine artists.

The author-illustrator of more than forty books and illustrator of more than fifty, Thorne's main reason for success was a total dedication to her drawing and a deep love for her subject matter. A sportswoman and owner of dogs herself, Thorne illustrated (and often authored) children's books dealing with dogs and animal life. Her longtime publisher was the Saalfield Publishing Company of Akron, Ohio, once a leading publisher of children's literature and paper novelties. In her etchings of dogs, Thorne had the ability to show motion and action. A combination of whirling and solid lines and light and dark tones brings to the viewer's eyes the dog in motion. Her dog etchings are admired because they capture the humor and energy transpired by man and dog. Very much in demand as an animal portrait painter, Thorne illustrated some of the most famous dogs in America, including Franklin D. Roosevelt's Scottie "Fala" and Admiral Richard E. Byrd's "Igloo", the terrier who accompanied him on his famous Antarctic Expedition. (from dianathorne.com)