1971 Air France Poster, Japon
1971 Air France Poster, Japon
1971 Air France Poster, Japon

1971 Air France Poster, Japon

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Date: 1971   
Size: 23.75 x 39 inches
Artist: Raymond Pagé 

We recently received a large collection of French Travel and Tourism posters - including this beautiful poster for Air France created by Raymond Pagé.

Throughout their history, posters have been a significant means of mass communication, often with striking visual effect. Wendy Wick Reaves, the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery Curator of Prints and Drawings, comments that "sometimes a pictorial poster is a decorative masterpiece - something I can't walk by without a jolt of aesthetic pleasure. Another might strike me as extremely clever advertising … But collectively, these 'pictures of persuasion,' as we might call them, offer a wealth of art, history, design, and popular culture for us to understand. The poster is a familiar part of our world, and we intuitively understand its role as propaganda, promotion, announcement, or advertisement."

Air France has, throughout their history, used posters to entice travellers to destinations around the world. In fact, the Air France Poster Museum in Paris is a destination for poster aficionados as it houses posters - including this one - from the inception of the airline until today. 

Professionally linen-backed, this poster is in excellent condition and ready to frame.