2004 American Concert Poster - Common Sense (Belly Up)

2004 American Concert Poster - Common Sense (Belly Up)

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Date: 2004
Size: 6.5 x 19 inches  
Artist: Scrojo

About Belly Up: The Belly Up Tavern, opening in 1974 in Solana Beach, California, began with minimal equipment but grew into a legendary venue. Hosting renowned artists from various genres, it has seen epic performances over the years. From its early days with no stage, the venue has evolved into a significant stop for both emerging and established acts, becoming a cherished space for live music experiences.

About Common Sense: Common Sense is an American reggae band from Orange County, California. They are known for being one of the first artists to influence the California "surf reggae" movement and using sponsors instead of traditional music industry methods to make albums and gain promotion as featured in the Mercury Mariner commercial. (Sources: Wikipedia)

Poster is from a show in Solana Beach, San Diego, California 11/19/2004. In excellent condition and ready to frame. Great gift for a music lover.