2008 American Concert Poster - Dynamite Walls, The Drowning Men, E For Explosion (Belly Up)

2008 American Concert Poster - Dynamite Walls, The Drowning Men, E For Explosion (Belly Up)

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Date: 2008
Size: 13 x 19 inches  
Artist: Scrojo

About Belly Up: The Belly Up Tavern, opening in 1974 in Solana Beach, California, began with minimal equipment but grew into a legendary venue. Hosting renowned artists from various genres, it has seen epic performances over the years. From its early days with no stage, the venue has evolved into a significant stop for both emerging and established acts, becoming a cherished space for live music experiences.

About Dynamite Walls:  The Dynamite Walls was a band composed of Tom Pritchard and his younger brother Eric on drums, with Alex Blundell, Alan Bates, and Paul Kimmell. Members wrote and recorded demos of radio-ready pop-rock from their Encinitas home base. After being dropped by their label, Universal Republic, in 2011, the group soon split, with Pritchard moving from Encinitas to East Hollywood to form a new band called Western Scene. (Sources: https://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/dynamite-walls/)

About The Drowning Men: The Drowning Men is an American indie-rock quintet from Oceanside, California. The members are Nato Bardeen, James Smith, Todd Eisenkerch, Rory Dolan, and Gabelani Messer. (Sources: Wikipedia)

About E for Explosion: E for Explosion are an American alternative rock/shoegazing band formed by former JamisonParker singer Jamison Covington after the group's breakup in 2005. The only two constant members of the band were Covington and his wife, Dai Britain Covington. (Sources: Wikipedia)

Poster is from a show in Solana Beach, San Diego, California 2/17/2008. In excellent condition and ready to frame. Great gift for a music lover.