2011 German Music Poster, Jazzfest Berlin
2011 German Music Poster, Jazzfest Berlin

2011 German Music Poster, Jazzfest Berlin

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Date: 2011
Size: 66 x 47 inches 
Artist: Henning Wagenbreth

About the Artist: Henning Wagenbreth is a German illustrator and graphic designer, who works on both commissioned and personal art projects. He makes illustrations and designs for books, posters, newspapers and magazines and also designs his own typefaces.

This poster was used recently in an exhibition at the Université de Quebec à Montréal (UQAM). For that exhibition, this is the description that was used to described Wagenbreth's art: 

"His universe is made up of comic book characters who ensure in almost all works a more or less caricatured human presence, robots, rockets, infernal machines, which can be found through various creations.

This graphic designer exercises his talents in all directions: illustrations, posters, books, stamps, record covers, games, costumes and theater sets, puppets. Its colorful, abundant and deconstructed graphics give themselves a naive air, but are perfectly thought out and mastered. Identifiable among all, its original touch has made the international reputation of its author."

In excellent condition and ready to frame. Rare.