2012 Canadian Book, Publicité Sauvage 25 ans et demi

2012 Canadian Book, Publicité Sauvage 25 ans et demi

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Date: 2012

Written under the direction of: Marc H. Choko

Preface by: Marie Chouinard and Pierre Bourbon

Language: French

About Publicité Sauvage: Founded in the 1980s by Baudoin Wart, the ad agency Publicite Sauvage recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. The organization has always remained faithful to its original mandate of providing  effective and high impact visibility (at low costs!) to cultural institutions and events around the city. In 25 years, the company has grown from three to over 30 employees and its fleet of trucks can be seen around the streets of Montreal every day. Publicite Sauvage has remained true to both the clients and artists they represent. (Source: Publicite Sauvage Website)

About the book: More than 400 posters and 60 photos illustrate this anniversary book which tells us the little story of Publicité Sauvage, the story which is also that of cultural life in Montreal over the past 25 years. In addition to these striking posters, we invite you to discover 15 Montreal exhibition spaces and 48 original poster models, works by 16 of the best poster artists of the day.

Please note that this book is only available in French!