2017 Contemporary Music Poster - Russian Circles

2017 Contemporary Music Poster - Russian Circles

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Date: 2017
Size: 26 x 35 inches
Artist: Lepine, Sebastien

Sébastien Lépine is a multi-media artist, designer, and artistic director based in Montreal. His creative pursuits span different mediums including poster art, album artwork, movie posters, video projections for live shows, and music video clips. He has been working as an independent artist since graduating from the graphic design program at Université du Quebec à Montreal in 2000.

Lépine’s poster art is characterized by the use of a technique evocative of photomontage: he overlays images and text, creating a striking interplay of transparencies and negative space. A constant stream of music fuels his creative imagination which translates into the vibrant energy found in his poster art.

Russian Circle is an instrumental band from Chicago. Their music is labeled as "post-rock" for its use of rock instruments to explore and create musical nuances that are not typically highlighted in rock music, like timbre and texture.

This silkscreen poster was hand-printed by the artist himself and is in excellent condition.