2018 Contemporary Texas Souvenir Poster - Harry's on the Loop

2018 Contemporary Texas Souvenir Poster - Harry's on the Loop

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Date: 2018
Size: 24 x 36 inches
Artist: Lepine, Sebastien

Sébastien Lépine is a multi-media artist, designer, and artistic director based in Montreal. His creative pursuits span different mediums including poster art, album artwork, movie posters, video projections for live shows, and music video clips. He has been working as an independent artist since graduating from the graphic design program at Université du Quebec à Montreal in 2000.

Lépine’s poster art is characterized by the use of a technique evocative of photomontage: he overlays images and text, creating a striking interplay of transparencies and negative space. A constant stream of music fuels his creative imagination which translates into the vibrant energy found in his poster art.

Harry's on the Loop is a bar in Willow City, Texas. Several years ago Harry's was counted among the top 50 barbecue joints in Texas by Texas Monthly, but their barbecue days are no more. Willow City was settled before the Civil War by a Baptist preacher disinclined to associate with his German neighbors, but according to this poster that's all behind them now and Harry's is happy to serve German food! Willow City became a lively community in the 1880s, turned into the main hangout for outlaws and is now a popular 13-mile scenic drive filled with rolling hills, blossoming meadows, charming creeks, and deep green valleys.

This silkscreen poster was hand-printed by the artist himself and is in excellent condition.