2022 Cuban Contemporary Silkscreened Poster, Fabulous Havana: Architecture

2022 Cuban Contemporary Silkscreened Poster, Fabulous Havana: Architecture

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Date: 2022

Size: 19.5 x 27.5 inches

Artist: Javier G. Borbolla

About the poster: Poster tribute to the City of Havana in its 503 Anniversary. Initiative of the CartelON project, representing one of the 7 universal arts: Architecture.

About the artist: Javier A. González Borbolla was born in Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus province, Cuba and studied graphic design at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDi), he worked as a design teacher and consultant at the same school. Actively linked to the design of posters for short films and documentaries, he has actively participated in the contests organized by the CartelON Project. He was the winner of the La Memoria diseñada poster contest, a film poster exhibition organized at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in 2018. Creator of the image of the poster contest ALL ABOUT PEDRO... ALMODÓVAR'S 70TH BIRTHDAY, inspired by the original poster of the film "All about my mother". He is the designer of the Tribute to Fellini poster at his Centenary. Other posters with CartelON: Amarcord, Fellini 100 Years, Four White Shirts, Bauhaus 100 Years... among others.

About Fabulous Havana: Representative of the quality of Cuban design despite its austerity, the Fabulous Havana exhibition was a part of the celebrations for the 503rd anniversary of the founding of the formerly Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana.Seven designers were invited to participate in this new initiative of the Poster Project and were assigned one of the artistic manifestations through a raffle, of which they made three posters, the best of which was screen printed, while the remaining two were made in digital format.

Poster is numbered, dry-stamped, and hand-signed by the artist. Unlined and in very good condition. Ready to frame.