1900-1910 French Art Nouveau Poster, Abbotts Phit-Eesi -Hardy

1900-1910 French Art Nouveau Poster, Abbotts Phit-Eesi -Hardy

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Date: 1900-1910
Size:  12.5 x 16.5
Notes: Poster, Small Poster, Framed
Artist: Hardy, Dudley
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About The Poster: 

This wonderful poster, by the famed artist Dudley Hardy, was printed by the famous Imprimerie Chaix in Paris.

According to innewyork.com, “Vintage Posters appear to be immune to trends and make a particularly sound investment; their value increases about 10% a year...Why? Authentic vintage posters, which are defined as posters that were made by a company for a specific item at a specific time, are becoming increasingly scarce...”

"The prolific English artist Dudley Hardy is best known for his work for publications and the theatre, both as an illustrator and posterist. His work for commercial firms is considerably rarer. And yet his contribution to poster art is considerable: 'He really introduced the colour poster to England…His posters are strongly derivative of Cheret's. Like Cheret, he appreciated the advertising value of sex-appeal and his recurring subjects are legs, tutu's, frou-frous, and legs again. The range of expression and antic is between a frisky insousance and a brassier glamour' (Hillier p.97)" (Rennert, PAI-XXIX, 397)