1978 French Art Nouveau Print, Ballade de Noel

1978 French Art Nouveau Print, Ballade de Noel

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Date: 1978
Size:  12.5 x 17 inches
Artist: Toulouse Lautrec, Henri de

Toulouse Lautrec created the original lithographic stones for these pieces in 1895. They are exceptional, sweet, and charming. Each sheet - from a folio of 14 original prints - is numbered as 311 in a limited edition of 450.

Charmingly challenged English from the folio: "The fourteen original lithographic stones engraved by H. de TOULOUSE LAUTREC for Editions Joubert in 1895, and which permitted us to complete this new edition, were found in the basement of the Joubert Publishing offices, were (sic) they had remained for a very long time.

Thanks to their proprietors, we had the permission to reprint this set of fourteen lithographs at the well known Atelier Mourlot in Paris.

After this printing, the stones have been canceled, and deposited at the Cabinet des Estampes of the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris, as a gift of the owners.

The subscribers to this edition may be assured that there will not be any other printing made after those stones."