1982 Quebec Gig Poster,  UZEB, Fast Emotions
1982 Quebec Gig Poster,  UZEB, Fast Emotions
1982 Quebec Gig Poster,  UZEB, Fast Emotions

1982 Quebec Gig Poster, UZEB, Fast Emotions

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Date: 1982
Size: 17 x 22 inches
Design: Hachette Boyer

About The Poster:  The genre of music in the 1970s known as fusion is usually defined as an amalgam of jazz and rock. That definition is perhaps an oversimplification and probably has more to do with our insistence on labeling everything as opposed to just letting the music speak for itself. It does need to be acknowledged, however, that the younger generation of musicians who had been raised on rock and roll wanted to bring those musical sensibilities to the more complex world of jazz. Most importantly, the replacement of acoustic instruments (the normal component of a jazz group) with electric ones provided opportunities for a new sonic palette, one that would allow the musicians to create and explore different sounds and techniques.

One of the better groups to perform this type of music was UZEB. UZEB started out in 1976 in Drummondville, Quebec as a duo comprising Alain Caron on bass and Michel Cusson on guitar but evolved fairly quickly into a quartet in Montreal with the addition of a drummer and keyboardist. They became quite popular in their home province despite performing a style of music that is generally more of an acquired taste. I suspect that had to do primarily with the band's superlative musicianship and to a lesser degree with the parochialism of Quebecois culture. (UZEB have always been exclusively francophone, although the members have worked with some very prominent musicians such as Michael Brecker.)

In 1982, UZEB - at the time Caron and Cusson along with Paul Brochu (drums) and Michel Cyr (keyboards) - released their initial studio album, Fast Emotion, on the Quebec label Paroles & Musique. With nine tracks overall and with no song over six minutes, the LP was an excellent representation of the instrumental prowess and musical sophistication the group possessed. (canuckistanmusic.com)

Poster is in reasonable condition with some ruffling and tape marks. Please see photos.